Home Again


I adore travelling and holidays but I love coming home too.  Even when the English August weather is much greyer and drearier than when I left it a mere ten days ago its good to be back.

Whilst away I had my first very welcome encounter with the wonderful Lionheart magazine. In recent years I have become increasingly disillusioned with the large glossy magazines aimed at women; finding them increasingly distant from my lifestyle and the things that interest me. Lionheart is the perfect antidote.  It is a magazine filled with colour, beautiful illustrations and photography, articles about creative people I really want to read and lots of links to other blogs and websites I can’t wait to investigate.

Fittingly, the current issue is about ‘home’ and what that can mean to different people.  Flicking through it again with my very English breakfast (no more croissants for me) and I’m thrilled all over again to be back in the place that I call home.


 Images from Current Issue of Lionheart








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