Beautiful Book Shops #3 Oxfam Books – Chiswick


It’s been a little while since I posted about a book shop, so it is good to come back with one I visit regularly, or at least every 6 weeks as I trot along Turnham Green Terrace to have my tangled tresses teased into some sort of order .

Oxfam Books Chiswick is a second hand book shop I find it impossible to walk by.  It’s a dependable kind of a place, somewhere I know  I will always come out clutching something I have been desperately wanting to read or even better something I didn’t know that I absolutely needed to read.

The fiction section covers most of one side of the shop, it’s clearly ordred and  easy to browse.  There is always a good selection of current popular and literary fiction. I’ve lost track of how many books I have bought here to add to my ‘to be read’ pile over the years. £1.99 may seem expensive for a second hand book but this is Chiswick (darling) and the books are always in good condition.  After I have worked my way through modern fiction, I usually peruse the classic literature and poetry.  From there I work my way around to the excellent cookery section.  Guarenteed finds are Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson along with lots of other less well known authors

The staff are always helpful,  and enthusiastic and the back ground music enhances the jolly bookish atmosphere.  There is a small childrens section and a couple of chairs to sit and read any potential purchases.

Oxfam Books, Chiswick is a relatively compact shop but full of treasures you never knew you needed.  It is perfect for some impromptu browsing should you too be trotting along Turnham Green Terrace.


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