My Happy Place: Azalea Garden by Patrick Heron (1956)

Azalea Garden: May 1956 1956 by Patrick Heron 1920-1999

Everyone needs a happy place, somewhere to go and instantly feel better.  Azalea Garden by Patrick Heron is one of mine.  I adore this painting and am lucky enough to be able to gaze upon its colourful beauty regularly.  It is on display at Tate Britain, a short hop across the river from where I work.

After a testing morning at work, gazing into the Azalea Garden, breathing in the colours and  losing myself in the  determined brushstrokes, I feel my heart rate return to normal and a sense of calm is restored

This is picture I would love to have on my wall at home – although I can’t do that I can have the postcard. I bought it from the Tate shop and it is now on my desk providing a lovely aesthetic diversion to all my days.

Where is your happy place?

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