The Hanging Gardens of Hammersmith, No 1 (1944-47) by Victor Pasmore

The Hanging Gardens of Hammersmith, No. 1 1944-7 by Victor Pasmore 1908-1998

In a recent lunchtime meander around Tate Britain I came across this painting by Victor Pasmore.  I was immediately attracted to its hazy, romantic qualities and when I spied the title couldn’t resist it.  Hammersmith, is  a place  close to my heart.  This is the first in a series of 4 painted by Pasmore  and is related to the view from his home in Hammersmith Terrace.   The bruised smudges of the bushes, the distant veiled sun and the murkiness of the waters all meld together to create an atmospheric scene.  There’s  something thoughtful and reflective about this that I like.

Image via Tate Britain.

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