Cooked Books #2: Cake Days, The Hummingbird bakery

Hummingbird Cake DaysThere can’t be many people unaware of the hummingbird cupcake phenomenon.  Cupcakes is what the hummingbird bakery  known for and tourists and locals alike will queue into the street for one of these deliciously sweet confections.

This, the second cookery book from hummingbird is so much more than cupcakes.  This book is about celebrating with cake, and what can be bad about that.  The pictures are stunning and immensely tempting which is, lets face it is what most of us want when flicking through a cookery book for the first time.  Although the emphasis is obviously on sugary sweetness there is also a sprinkling of savoury bakes to tempt those with less toothachingly sweet tastes.

Pea, Ham and Feta Muffins

In the book these are billed as breakfast muffins, but I’ve been packing them into my lunch box to eat with salad.  They would also make great summer picnic fare. Like all muffins they are incredibly easy to make being a simple one step combination of dry and wet ingredients.  Next time I might try these with salty cooked bacon and mature cheddar for extra punch.

Apricot Crunchies

I think of these as a ‘healthy’ alternative to flapjacks or perhaps a fruity muesli bar.  They lack the syrupy sweetness of flapjacks but the combination of chewy apricot and plump sultanas more than make up for that.  These would be another great addition to a packed lunch.  They keep really well too.


Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf

This is such an easy bake.  The sort of cake that can be made whilst the oven is on for something else. It may not be the prettiest creation on the outside but the surprise of the cinnamon swirl when you break into it more than makes up for that.  The warming aromatic cinnamon makes it perfect with morning coffee.

Hot Chocolate Cup Cakes (with my own embellishment of Hershey’s Chocolates)

I made these and took them into work.  They vanished fairly quickly which isn’t always an indication of quality as anything sugary is quickly devoured  in my office.  However I was reliably informed that these were light and not overpoweringly chocolatey.  Using cooled hot chocolate in the mix gives them a familiar comforting flavour.  The frosting is made with cooled hot chocolate too, and I suspect a mug of steaming hot choc would be a lovely accompaniment.

There are so many other recipes in this book I want to try.  The Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake would be perfect for a birthday celebration and who wouldn’t want to bite into a fizzy lemonade Cupcake?

Happy Weekend Baking xx

Hot Choc Cupcakes


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