#BEDM Self Care Sunday



The book of Genesis, the first book in the bible says  that when God had created the world he rested.  “Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.”

Whatever your feelings are about the God of the bible or of creation, you can’t deny the wisdom of  these words.  Perhaps they are even more pertinent to the blogging community, many of whom are holding down full times jobs as well as maintaining a creative blogging habit.  Rest and taking time out is  essential to our physical, emotional, and creative wellbeing.  It’s how we care for our selves; and we need to care for our selves to function and manage busy lives.

Traditionally and religiously our day of rest or self-care day in the UK is Sunday. This is the day where we usually get up a little  later, linger a little longer over breakfast and perhaps indulge in a Sunday afternoon walk.  In addition to these, I usually go to church.  For me church is not just an opportunity to worship the God I trust and believe in but it’s also a time to be still.  A time to catch my breath and gain some perspective.  A time to examine myself, and  a time to look out and beyond myself.  It’s a time for reflection and thoughtfulness. In short, an essential part of my self-care.

So, as another Sunday draws to a close I am happy to able to quote the words of one of my favourite old Christian hymns, as I say ‘It is well, it is well  with my soul’.

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