#BEDM How To Holiday at Home with Mr Jason Grant

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I was given this book as a Christmas present and as summer has only tempted us with little glimpses so far ‘Holiday at Home’  has brought me some much needed colour and sunshine recently.   Using beach holidays,  country homes, camping and road trips as its inspiration this book shows how easy it is to bring a little bit of holiday home with you.  LIke most magpies I enjoy picking up bits and pieces when I’m on my hols so this book suits me perfectly.

It is a collaboration between the Australian interior stylist Jason Grant and the Lauren Bamford a professional  lifestyle photographer. It is divided into 9 chapters each with a different theme. or room focus.  There are not many words in this book, and it is probably better for it.  The fabulous images speak for them selves.  The words that do feature are generally large and splashed across the images in a cheerful way.

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This book is not full of polished, unachievable interiors.  It focuses on taking whats around you and making that into a relaxed and happy environment.  There are lots of ideas on how to bring the outdoors in, something which is particularly  appropriate in the UK’s unpredictable climate.

I adore the colour and sunshiny feel of this book.  It’s the perfect for a coffee table or somewhere you will instinctively reach  for it for some idle page flicking. The collection of images, colours and objects and gorgeous styling gives instant feel good factor especially when it’s raining outside.

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