5 on Friday: From Hardie Grant Books

One of my favourite books for idling through at the moment is Holiday at Home with Jason Grant. I reviewed it here just a few weeks ago. Holiday at Home is published by Hardie Grant Books one of Australia’s largest privately owned publishers.
Hardie Grant publish a deliciously tempting selection of food and lifestyle books. Their books ooze creativity and gorgeous images. There are so many titles I would love to own but these are the 5 that have particularly caught my eye this week.

1. The Food of Vietnam – I had a wonderful holiday to Vietnam a few years ago.  The delicious food featured heavily and I’ve been meaning to learn how to cook it ever since.  This book is described as a ‘cultural and culinary journey’.  How appealing!

2.  Roast Lamb in the Olive Groves – The cover of this book is delightful and immediately transforms me to sunnier climes and memories of student days island hopping in Greece, sunburn and grilled lamb and tzatziki


3. Heels on Wheels – I love my bike, it’s blue and has a basket on the front not dissimilar to the one on the cover of this book.  I’m not adept at cycling (or doing anything very arduous) in heels.  I usually arrive at my destination slightly sticky, flat haired and wearing my cycle helmet at a jaunty angle.  Maybe this book could teach me to become a more ‘refined’ cyclist.

4.  Working Space –  I love oogling other folks work spaces and dreaming of how my own creative space might be.  With its lots of  images of 25 highly creative people’s work spaces this book offers lots of opportunities for doing just that.

5. A Place Called Home – Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas Lists?  Note to self, this book will certainly be on mine.  It will look mighty fine on a shelf next to my well thumbed edition of Holiday at Home.

Have a great weekend friends.  I hope you have time for some relaxed book browsing and don’t forget to check out the Hardie Grant Website!

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  1. Karen
    June 13, 2015 / 8:22 pm

    Even I might be tempted into a bicycle by ‘heels on wheels’ x

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