5 on Friday: 5 Creative Discoveries

As part of our foray into London’s hidden gardens last weekend we stumbled upon Pullens Yards, 3 lovely mews in the London borough of Southwark.  Thee yards are home to  a diverse collection of talented artists and designers studios. Last weekend was Open Studios Weekend, a unique opportunity to chat to the artists, view their work and of course make some cheeky purchases! These are 5 of my favourites.

  1. Jam Jar Flowers The most beautiful displays of unstructured wild blooms, jars stuffed full of flouncey Peonies and the most fabulous collection of glass vases. Follow them on Instagram to see more.

2.   ria rich is  a textile artist who creates colourful lampshades and creative prints.  Her prints are inspired by nature and feature cleverly designed floral and bird motifs.  I have my eye on a lampshade in one of the prints below.  Follow ria on instagram to see more of these beautiful prints.

3.  Abi Jackson Stitch and Make Studio  Abi’s clothes are an explosion of colour and pattern.  Carefully chosen fabrics stitched together to make truly unique garments.   If you are a fan of beige these  clothes won’t be for you but if you love mismatched, clashing colours and patterns which remind you of your grandmothers old curtains  (I do) you’ll love them.  And I’m regretting daily that I didn’t  snap something up.  See more of Abi’s creations on Instagram.

stitch and make studio

4.  Anna Wright I love Anna’s free and easy style with a paint brush and the humour in her animal prints.  Right now I’m constantly on  the look out for paintings  for our dining room revamp, and I have my eye on one or two of Anna’s lovely prints.

5. Rebecca Cowie Ceramics was another wonderful find.  The pictures below do not do Rebecca’s work justice at all.  Despite lots of googling and searching I can’t find any links or pictures of her beautiful ceramics.  Rebecca creates delicate vases and candle holders from clay which she textures by rolling in all sorts of interesting materials.  I bought the medium-sized one below which I popped some sweet peas into. I would love a collection of smaller ones to fill with tea lights along a mantle piece.

Pullens Yard open studios will be back in December, perfect for some creative Christmas shopping

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

images:  1,  Jam Jar Flowers; 2 Changing-pages ; 3, 4 ria rich; 5, Abi Jackson;  6,7, Anna Wright ; 9, Changing-Pages


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