Mellow Yellow Lemon Curd

IMG_3590Lemon Curd is one of those things it feels wholesome and good to make.  Apart from its sunny colour and the mediterranean feel one gets  from having  a bowl of bright yellow lemons in the kitchen, there is something very satisfying about turning fruit into a jam or in this case a curd.  I like having things in my cupboards that I’ve made myself.  That said, preserve making is not something I do terribly often.  In fact probably only about once a year, twice at the most if I include the christmas chutney and the chilli jam I usually try to squeeze into December.

Lemon Curd RecipeLemon curd is in fact terribly easy to make, and  as you maybe able to tell from the scrappy, splattered piece of paper my recipe is written on, its  something  I have made for a number of years.

Lemen Curd IngredientsThe ingredients are few and the time it takes to put this together is minimum.  As the lemon combines with all the other ingredients a delicious aroma will flood your kitchen and you will be filled with self righteous pleasure as you gradually stir everything together and watch it transform into a thickened mellow lemonyness.

Lemon CurdThe only word of warning would be to not cook it too long or your eggs could become scrambled.  Any sign of white flecks in your curd is an indication to immediately remove it from the heat.

Lemon Curd 1This quantity gives about 2 full 250ml jars or there abouts.  Lemons for me are one of the tastes of summer and this tangy curd can be spread thickly onto doorstep toast, as an alternative filling for a Victoria sandwich,  or stirred into greek yogurt. Or if you are looking for a summery desert to wow your nearest and dearest with, Its lovely in this Lemon Meringue cake.


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