5 on Friday: July on Instagram

July has been good for me for many reasons.  We celebrated my mums birthday with a family day out seeing the seals in Norfolk. We’ve been to two happy summer weddings, we visited Art in Action and I was given a hugely calorific but delicious ‘Queen of Hearts’ themed afternoon tea by work chums.  I am currently ‘in-between jobs’ as they say.  I’ve finished one and I’m waiting to begin another.  I have therefore had more time than usual to do ‘nice’ things and as is the way in our social media crazy world when we do nice things we want to tell the world!  So many of the things I’ve done during July have been duly marked by an instagram post.  This is a collection of 5 of my favourites.

I can be found mooching around on Instagram at @angiev1n

Have a fun and photogenic weekend x

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