A Warm Welsh Welcome


The working week came to an abrupt halt on Friday night when we boarded the 1743 from London Euston.  One Gin & Tonic, one packet of cashew nuts, two changes later and we landed in Wales.

Visiting friends who live in different parts of Britain is always a treat. This weekend however, was a particular treat as the friends we visited live in the grounds of a beautiful castle.  As custodians of the property they have unlimited access to the grounds. I was terribly excited as we wandered around the gardens when all the paying tourists had gone home.  I enjoyed my very own ‘Downton moment’ as we enjoyed a glass of fizz by ‘our lake’ before wandering through the manicured lawns and richly planted flower beds to climb up to a viewing point to survey ‘our land’

Buoyed, by fresh air, sunshine, friendship and the joy of being surrounded by the beauty of the Welsh countryside we approach the working week feeling newly invigorated and thankful for our many blessings.

Have a great week everyone.


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