Christmas Rocky Road Recipe

IMG_4620If you are looking for a bit of  fail safe, no cook, crowd pleasing sweetness this Christmas then I promise you need look no further than this Christmas rocky road recipe from Nigella’s Christmas This is a regular features in our house right about  now.

I reviewed Nigella’s Christmas here last year and said then that it was an important part of my Christmas cooking.  Well that’s still very much the case and when the festive period strikes I immediately reach for my copy of this dependable but cheery volume.

Everyone knows what rocky road is; that irresistible concoction of chocolate, biscuits and  marshmallow.  This rocky road gets its Christmas flavour from using amaretti biscuits and adding glace cherries (or Rudolph’s noses as they affectionately called in the book) and brazil nuts to the mix.

The method is ridiculously simple.  Some bashing of biscuits and nuts with a rolling pin into rubble; some melting of chocolate, and then some amalgamating  with the cherries and marshmallows before tipping it all into a baking tin and popping it into the fridge for a couple of hours. Leaving the cherries whole is vital in my opinion as they give such a soft, juicy surprise when you bite into one.  As I write this I wonder about  creating an adult version by adding  a little Amaretto liqueur to the mix to enhance the flavour and give a little hazy warmth.

If you are so inclined and can’t wait any longer than absolutely necessary to eat it then leave it unadorned and it will still taste fabulous.  However, for the extra few minutes it takes and the Christmassy pleasure it gives, I heartily encourage a liberal sprinkling of icing sugar mixed with edible glitter to give the complete freshly fallen snow look.

When I made these at the weekend only a couple were eaten by us, as the others were destined for elsewhere, but more of that later in the week.

(apologies for the poor photo’s, I have some better ones on my camera, but due to user incompetence they seem to be stuck there!)

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  1. Sylvia
    December 15, 2015 / 8:48 am

    Sounds wonderful. A diabetics dream!!! xx

    • December 15, 2015 / 10:05 pm

      I can cut it into small pieces….everyone deserves a little treat now and again

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