Its All About Labelling – Homemade Christmas Labels

Christmas LabelsA while ago when I had the misguided thought  that I was going to be organised and have oodles of time to create a hand made Christmas in true Kirsty Allsop Style.  I  bought a bundle of buttons and ribbons in Christmas colours and imagined myself creating decorations, cards and goodness knows what else .  As is the way, time ran away with me and all I have managed to create with my crafty purchases are a bundle of labels.

As you can see they were very simple to make, requiring only a modicum of creative talent.  However , they did allow me to arm myself with a glue gun which is always a treat. I can fool myself into thinking I’m  a proper crafter when I have a glue gun at the ready

Despite their simplicity or perhaps because of it I was pleased with how they turned out and.  I was able to rustle them up in no time at all.  All I need to do now is attach them to some pressies.

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