An Eggcellent Easter


A quick post before the working week, albeit a short working week, begins again.  I do hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter and long weekend if you are in the UK.

I spent the weekend in Norfolk with family and friends and an abundant supply of Easter eggs and hot cross buns.   We also managed to fit in a bit of decorating at my Mum’s which in my head cancels out all the  chocolate infused indulgence!

Sunday was particularly lovely.  We went to an Easter Day Service at the church which has been a special part of my life for many years.  It’s the church my parents were married in; the church both my husband and I attended when we lived in Norfolk and eventually married in and  the venue for many of my other important life events.  We even managed a bit of sunshine and spring weather in between the showers so that we could have our traditional  Easter Egg hunt in my husbands parents gardens.  8 children, lots of chocolate and lots of energy made for a busy afternoon.

I’m hoping this week will be calmer than the last one.  I have lots of half written and planned blog posts I want to finish.  Changing Pages has been a little neglected of late, and I’ve missed it. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my recent reads and travels with you over the next few days, plus an interview with Sarah Louise Wright, author of Five Deaths and Two Ghosts.

Have a great week.

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