My Inaugural Blogging Event and an Unexpected Treat from Blogosphere Magazine

blogosphere Tea Party

2pm on a sunny, Spring, Sunday afternoon and I’m anxiously hovering on the corner of Marylebone High Street, hiding behind my phone,  and trying to look inconspicuous.  In reality, I’m peering across the street at the French restaurant and Patisserie Aubaine trying to work out if anyone going in looks like a blogger. Although I’m not entirely sure if there is a universal look for bloggers, .

As a blogging event novice I was feeling some what nervous as I approached my first ever gathering.  Should I arrive on time? Am I wearing the right thing? Why aren’t my teeth whiter, legs thinner etc etc? (you know the kind of thing)  And most significantly will I have anything at all interesting to say to all these experienced bloggers with their huge followings, glossy images and shiny blogs?   For about 30 seconds I deliberated beating a hasty  retreat to Daunt Book shop around the corner.  A  place where I always feel supremely comfortable.

Entering any kind of event solo always takes a little bit of courage, and entering an event where you don’t know a soul except maybe from their blog / instagram / twitter feed is seemingly even more daunting.  I have definite introvert tendencies.  I like my own company. I can happily do things on my own and I’m never at my most comfortable in a large group.  All reasonable qualities to have but not ones that were going to particularly be helpful right then.


Thankfully, I gave myself a stern talking to, reapplied the lippy (it always helps), donned my friendliest smile, put my best foot forward and  made my way across the street to The Blogosphere Magazine tea party. My name was on the list, always reassuring!  I slunk in, headed towards the table of drinks were I shed my coat and was helped to a cup of tea by a friendly (and slightly handsome) waiter!  Always good to have something to do with your hands in these situations I find.  Almost immediately I was greeted by Tracy McAlpine  a successful business woman, the creator of Fighting Fifty and clearly a seasoned attender of such events.  She began chatting to me, made me feel instantly welcome and we were soon joined by other new arrivals.  The thing is, bloggers are really friendly, they love to chat and share and I had temporarily forgotten that in my nervousness.  Within minutes I was reminded why I love blogging so much.

blogosphere magazineThe afternoon was very much about meeting other bloggers, connecting and making links with other  like minded guys and gals.  Doing this surrounded by flowers, carefully arranged magazines and plate of delicious patisserie (almost too pretty to eat….but not quite) was an entirely lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Of course cameras and phones were in abundance, snapping all the artistically arranged flora, fauna and food all in preparation for posting!  This did make me both smile, and inwardly groan as I realised  how, like I suspect everyone else in the room, my appreciation of anything and everything has changed since entering the world of blogdom.  Every experience becomes a potential post or carefully curated instagram shot.  Now there is lots more I could say about this but thats a whole other post.Blogosphere Magazine

I was especially pleased to have the opportunity to meet Elizabeth from Rosalillium who through her blog and online resources has been so inspiring and helpful to me.  I left the afternoon a bit before it finished (as I said I have introvert tendencies).  But I did collect my first real goody bag on the way out.  Two copies of the magazine, a great card by Coconut Lane, featuring avocados, another of my favourite things, and an extremely timely can of L’oreal Hairspray ( I had used my last spritz that morning) and I was a very happy girl.  I skipped my way back along Marylebone High Street, hopped on a tube at Bond Street and completely lost myself in the lovely pages of the latest edition of Blogosphere Magazine.

But, my friends it doesn’t end there.  Oh no.  The following day, just as I was nearing the end of a particular uninspiring  Monday at work, this tweet popped into my time line.

CONGRATULATIONS ! You’re our photo winner! All issues of magazine coming your way!

Jimminy Cricket! The photo above which I had shared on Instagram was a winner!  I was thrilled.  I’m still thrilled.  My first ever blogging event had resulted in the most unexpected treat…..Can’t wait for the next one.

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    • April 9, 2016 / 1:30 pm

      Really lovely to mead you too. Hope to see you again at another event

  1. Mum
    April 8, 2016 / 9:47 am

    Well done with your photograph. x

    • April 9, 2016 / 1:30 pm

      Thank you! It was quite a surprise x

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