5 on Friday: 5 to take on holiday

Holiday reading I spend almost as much time deliberating my holiday reading as I do my holiday wardrobe.  I fear running out of reading material far more than I fear running out of clean undies or sun screen.  In recent years most of our holidays have been of the ‘active kind’. Walking, cycling, trekking, all fabulous and great fun but mostly they haven’t left too much time for reading. This time however, our destination involves a very long haul flight and (I hope) plenty of dedicated beach and pool time.  There will of course be lots of exploring and more energetic activities too.  Neither or us are the dedicated sun worshippers we once were, but I am optimistic of getting through a few novels. My holiday reading preparation usually involves a preplanned trip to a book shop with a list of books to buy.  This time however I have given myself a stern talking to and have restricted myself to the large pile of unread books I already own.  When choosing a holiday books I have some specific requirements.

I like tried and trusted authors.  I don’t want reading disappointment on holiday.

I like to take something quite long, a ‘saga’ if you will.  Something  I may not have the time to dedicate to reading,  during normal life

I also like to throw in an author I haven’t read before (Anne Enright in this case)

Usually I take something set in the place I’m visiting.  I’ve broken my own rule on this occasion as none of my chosen books fit into that category.

I also make sure my husband has a book I also want to read – that fear or running out of reading material again.

So these are the 5 I’m almost settled on.  They will be taking up a hefty amount of my baggage allowance, so I’m anticipating good things.

  1.  Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert – I’m half way through this and can’t bear to leave it behind
  2. The Distance Between us by Maggie O’Farrell – I love Maggie O’Farrell and this has been waiting to be read for a while
  3. The Green Road by Anne Enright – One of my chosen 5 Bailey long listed books (now shortlisted)
  4. Searching for Caleb by Anne Tyler – I never go on holiday with out Anne Tyler.  She’s a tried and trusted holiday companion
  5. The Story of a new name by Elena Ferrante – I read the first in this series a while ago and have been saving the second for a time when I can concentrate on some uninterrupted luxury reading time.

Of course I don’t actually leave for another 24 hours, so I could very well change my mind before then……….

How do you choose your holiday reading?

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  1. May 20, 2016 / 1:36 pm

    What a wonderful selection, I can thoroughly recommend The Green Road and A Story of a New Name!

    Enjoy your holiday 😀

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