5 on Friday: Favourite Strawberry Recipes

Its Wimbledon fortnight.  That time of year when all of us become tennis experts, Andy Murray is British (not Scottish)  and paying over the odds for strawberries and cream is completely acceptable.  Now, I love Wimbledon, and I love strawberries and will be lucky enough to enjoy both at the Ladies Final next Saturday.  In celebration of this I thought I would share with you 5 of my favourite things to do with Strawberries.


 Fromage Frais Cheesecake with strawberry sauce

This is a ‘Delia’ and a recipe I have been making for years.  Its my go to summer desert recipe and I’ve never found anyone who doesn’t enjoy it.

Strawberry Ice-cream

I love making ice cream and many of my favourite ice cream recipes come courtesy of Nigella.  This one is  a creamy, old fashioned flavour and goes perfectly with some vanilla shortbread

Chocolate dipped strawberries

This is barely a recipe and something I usually make once during the summer strawberry glut.  I like it best using milk chocolate aero!  And if you are of a mind to do so, It’s easy to convince your self this is healthy.

Forgotten Pudding

This softer, chewier version of meringue is an excellent make it the day before pudding. All that’s involved is bit of whipping of eggs and sugar, before spreading it into a tin and leaving it in a  pre-heated and then switched off oven overnight.   Don’t do what I have done though, and forget it so completely, that you  switch the oven on again the next day without removing it!

Perfect Pimms

Everyone has their own Pimms interpretation, and for many summer wouldn’t be summer with out it.  I certainly believe its a drink that can only be drunk in summer, particularly as my version always includes strawberries.

Have a lovely weekend.  Anyone for tennis?

Images: Delia online; Nigella.com; Good housekeeping; taste.com


  1. July 2, 2016 / 4:16 am

    Oh I’m definitely trying that Forgotten Pudding! Sounds simple and delicious. What would we do without Nigella! 🙂

    • July 5, 2016 / 9:02 pm

      I highly recommend it. I know what you mean about Nigellla, she is definitely my go to source of cookery inspiration.

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