It’s all about the Flowers at RHS Wisley

RHS WisleyOn probably the hottest Saturday of the year so far we took a trip to RHS Wisley to marvel at the flora and fauna and bathe in the scent of a thousand different flowers.  If you haven’t been before its stunning, particularly in the height of summer when awash with colour and fragrance.  It isn’t just about the flowers of course, there are fabulous veg plots, fruit trees laden with pears, apples and berries and a corridor of Bonsai.  Thankfully for us there were also enough shady spots to pause a while.RHS Wisley

RHS WisleyHaving recently been on a photography workshop I was keen to try out some of what I had learnt. I was almost overwhelmed with what to photograph.  Every corner and every plant is crying out to be snapped. RHS Wisley

RHS Wisley I’ve just finished reading ‘The Bees’ by Laline Paull, and have developed a particular fascination with these creatures.  The bees were plentiful and I was bee-side myself with all the photographic opportunities.  I imagine the bees of Wisley are fairly familiar with nosy photographers sticking their lenses into places they’re not wanted.RHS Wisley

For adults the entry cost is  £14.50, although you can save 10% on that if you are organised enough to book in advance.  We weren’t.  When the weather is good, it’s very easy to while away a day here.  There are plenty of places to stop and refresh with food and drink, ample spots in which  to sit and an excellent gift shop overflowing with books.  RHS Wisley is the ideal place for flower lovers, gardeners, and photographers alike.RHS Wisley

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