5 on Friday: July on Instagram

Apparently it’s the end of July.  Not quite sure how that happened but apparently it has.  After a damp start, July produced  some soaring temperatures and uncomfortable nights .  This meant plenty of  time in the great outdoors, long evenings in the garden, picnics, walks and lots of running as I prepare for a half marathon later in the year.  We  had a lovely time at the beginning of the month  visiting with best friends and discovering the Wirral. I had the privilege of being at Wimbledon on Ladies finals day with my mum.  We drove out to the Cotswolds for some walking, beautiful views and lots of fresh air. We also managed  to fit in a prom at The Royal Albert Hall and visit to RHS Wisley last weekend with my husbands parents. These are five of my favourite instagram moments from July.

You can find more of my snaps on Instagram @angiev1n

Have a lovely weekend, deep breath, its nearly August.

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