5 on Friday: 5 For Under £5 August

July where did you go? And August how did you arrive so quickly?  These are the kind of deep ponderings that keep me awake at night.  That and should I paint my toe nails pinky red or reddy pink this week.  Oh yes, no one could call me shallow.

Of course I’m not always so philosophical I do think about shopping too.  Sadly (although maybe not for my purse), during recent weeks my shopping has been minimal and largely incidental. Mainly because I haven’t had much free time to hit the shops.  We also had some very hot weather not so long ago and who wants to spend hot days or evenings  shopping? Not me.

But fear not friends, despite this I did still mange to come upon a few little bargains. to share with you on this the 5th of August or as its known here and on other blogs ‘5 for under £5 August- Friday’ As always, my purchases  were all completely essential , as I’m sure you’ll agree.

BooksBooks will undoubtedly feature pretty high on my list of priority purchases, and despite regularly telling myself I must not buy any more I just don’t seem to be able to help it, and can always justify a new book.  I read ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes last year, it was my first Jojo Moyes and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was very excited to hear she had written a sequel and when I saw this for the knock down price of £3.50 in Waterstone’s, it would have been wrong to have walked away empty handed.  I think I’ve decided it will be joining me on my next holiday jaunt.

This absolutely beautiful book is my number one bargain of the month.  ‘Saplings’ by Noel Streatfeild is a Persephone Book.  I love Persephone books.  I couldn’t believe it when I spotted this languishing on the slightly dodgy £1 book trolley outside the hospital friends shop where I work.  At the time I was passing I had no money with me.  In my desperation not to loose it to some other eagle eyed, persephone book loving, bargain hunter I hid it at the back of the trolley underneath some dog-eared John Grishams and beetled off to get some money from my office.  Frankly I would have paid £1 for the cover of this book alone I love it so much.  Napkins come and napkins go, which is why I tend to buy my napkins from Tiger where they seem to change the designs relatively regularly and  are always cheap and cheerful.  £1 for a packet of napkins is not to be sniffed at (although they are quite useful for blowing your nose on should you run out of tissues).  I’m a bit into pink right now so these were my napkin of choice this month.NapkinsTiger is an endless source of joy to me and when napkin shopping recently I also picked up these  square sheets of sticky striped paper.  Like a magpie I’m drawn to pretty shiny things and as soon as I saw these it was clear I wouldn’t be leaving the shop without them.  I may not have known exactly what I was going to do with them when I was handing my cash over (£1) at the till but it didn’t take me long to work it out afterI had brought them home.  Card making of course.  Since taking these pictures I have made a number of very simple cards , which of course is a whole other blog post….Craft cardsAnd finally flowers.  Gypsophila to be exact, otherwise known as ‘baby’s breath’.  When I got married, a hundred years ago, wedding bouquets dripping in gypsophila were the thing.  I think it then went out of fashion, not that I know anything about fashion but I don’t remember seeing much of it for a few years.  Now  it seems to be back, or at least back in the places I shop.  I love these frothy stems and have taken to buying bunches of them to stuff into vases all over the house.  I currently have it in the  kitchen, bathroom dining room and bedroom.  It’s very cheap.  I paid £1.67 for a generous bunch, and a few stalks go a long way.  I usually buy white but actually prefer the pink version which I bought this week.  It seems to last for ages too, which is always a bonus in floral purchases.Flowers

So there you have it, my 5 under £5 for 5 on Friday on the 5th August.

If you want to see more  inspiration for Five Under £5 or better still join in yourself then check out Rainbeaubelle.

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