5 on Friday: 5 Back to School Pencil Cases

September is all about back to school.  Even if like me you haven’t been to school for many years, there is still a sense of new beginnings as the days become shorter, the roads become busier and everywhere you look there is a small child in a large blazer.  I have absolutely no wish to be back at school, but I do enjoy all the back to school stationery on display in the shops at this time of year.  Buying a new pencil case was always an important part of going back to school. It had to be big enough to store that protractor you never used along side the leaky fountain pen and chewed pencil, and roomy enough to hide chewing gum and secret notes.  In particular I  remember a denim one  I wrote all over in dark blue pen,  and a bright yellow fluffy one which soon became ink stained, matted, and really quite unpleasant.  Now I have a red floral Cath Kidston Pencil tin which i’m very fond of but September has once again had me hankering after a new pouch in which to store my pencils.

Below are 5 fabulous specimens to brighten up any desk

  1. Pencil Party from Not on the high street £12.99

Pencil Party from Not on the High street

2. Polka Dots from Paperchase £7,    3. Peanuts from John Lewis £9 (my personal favourite)

4. Flamingo Flourish from Rosa & Clara Designs  £10   5.Captured Flora from Anthropolgie £22   (This one is a little pricey but so beautiful….)


Have a wonderful weekend.

Images,    Not on the high streetPaperchaseJohn Lewis,   Rosa & Clara,  Anthropologie


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  1. September 9, 2016 / 4:45 pm

    What a great post, I love pencil cases ? I absolutely love that flamingo one!

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