The Weekend Wander #11 Beautiful Blossom and Easter Egg Hunts


The weekend wander is arriving a little later than normal this Friday but as its a whole 4 day weekend (yippee) I’m guessing it doesn’t matters so much.  We have  been to church this morning which is what we usually do on Good Friday.  We have also had breakfast out, eaten hot cross buns for lunch and I have made the obligatory cornflake cake easter nests.  I may also have indulged in the odd mini egg along the way- who can resist.  This evening we are going to the Menier Chocolate Factory, our favourite theatre in London and an appropriately named place to visit on Easter weekend.  Before then I need to embark on the leaning tower of ironing which is in danger of toppling over any minute now unless I do something with it.

Beautiful Blossom

You can’t have failed to have noticed the incredible blossom which is absolutely everywhere at the moment.  I have lost count of the times I have stood under trees pointing my phone up towards the sky to capture the perfect blossom shot.  Instagram is literally groaning with blossom at the moment.  If like me you can’t get enough of it and who in their right mind could, then may I suggest you pop over to the Country Living Website where they have conveniently listed the best places in the UK for blossom watching.  You can view it here.

Failing that, if you are in London there are plenty of streets to wander around which are literally paved with blossom.  As you might imagine blossom in Kew Gardens is stunning as it is in Regents  Park right now.


Easter Egg Hunting

It’s an unusual person who doesn’t like an easter egg hunt.  It is certainly something which has become a tradition in our family in recent years and which I am sure is looked forward to by the younger members of the clan.  If you think you might like to hunt for eggs then the National Trust and Cadbury have reliably organised over 250 hunts to choose from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  You can find details here.

If you are in London and would like a  less chocolatey egg hunt then  have a look at the ‘bunny hop and seek for easter’  at The Museum of Brands and Packaging in Notting Hill.  It’s an interesting alternative to the chocolate hunt. I hadn’t come across this museum before but I have now added it to my list of places to visit in London.

What ever you get up to this Easter I hope it brings you much joy and celebration.

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