The Weekend Wander #12 Prince and a Time to Sort


This is not so much a weekend wander as a ‘this is what I’m doing this weekend’ kinda post.

I’ve been away for the last two weekends, and very nice its been too but I do need to spend a bit of time in the ol’ homestead.

So other than a much looked forward catch up with friends tonight, and a much needed hair cut tomorrow plans are largely home based.

This weekend I shall be mostly sorting:

1)      Sorting out my overgrown herb patch, rescuing rosemary from thyme and removing some of the mint which is threatening to take over

2)      Sorting out my summer wardrobe. Yes it’s time, to root out the suitcase full of summer clothes from under the bed.

3)      Sorting out the piles of books on my living room floor – not sure I will be brave enough to get rid of any but we shall see!

I also plan to listen to this Radio 2 programme broadcast earlier in the week marking the first anniversary of the death of Prince.  ‘Purple Rain’ was a poignant album during my adolescence.

Exciting times people!  What ever you are up to, have a great weekend, and don’t forget to enjoy the blossom xx

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