The Weekend Wander #20 Holiday Plans

Key West, FloridaIts August and in the UK its peak holiday time.  The schools have broken up, roads in the city are quieter and even those of us who don’t get the 6 week school holiday are feeling a little bit more carefree.

In a short while we will be packing our bags and heading to Europe for a summer adventure.  More of that in a future post, but with this in mind my thoughts are definitly on holiday preparation, and my blog reading this week has drawn towards travel.

As my mind wanders towards places near and far I thought I would share with you these posts which have inspired me this week

Travel Journalling

This is something I have done for many years.  I love the process of recording trips on paper, capturing thoughts and feelings at the time I am experiencing them and collecting together bits and pieces to remind me of my trip.

How to Write a Travel Journal by Eat Cheese & Travel has some lovely ideas on how to write a travel journal

Guide Books

We have a collection of Lonel Planets and Rough Guides which we are rather proud of.  Doesn’t everyone who loves to travel love a guide book?  I know I do. Recently I came across Alice Stevenson.  Alice is a an author, illustrator and educator.  She grew up in London and has used her knowledge and experience of the city to create an unofficial guide book to London’s lesser-known parts.  The book is called Ways to Walk in London and in it  she writes about and illustrates those moments of beauty and urbanity, contemplation and revelation.  Her latest book Ways to See Great Britain is an illustrated journey she took over 2 years through the highways and by ways of Britain.  I am so drawn to Alice’s style and concept that I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of both these books.

Travel Blogs

Once again this week I joined in with the Faraway Files, the travel link up hosted by Katy from Untold Morsels, Erin from Oregon Girl around the World and Clare from Suitcases and Sandcastles.  You can find some great travel inspiration here.

Where ever you are travelling this weekend, even if it is no further than your own garden, do enjoy it, and have a lovely weekend.

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