The Weekend Wander #21 A Walking Weekend


Even before I heard the frankly quite staggering news this week that 41% of adults between the ages of 40-60 in England and Wales don’t manage even one brisk 10 minute walk a month (how can that be possible), I had decided to talk about walking on this weekend wander.

I have just come back from a walking holiday so I admit I may be slightly evangelical about walking at the moment, but its such great way of getting some exercise.  Walking is one of the few exercises (much like running which I’m equally evangelical about) which actually doesn’t cost anything to do.

Anyone can step outside their front door and walk. Walking is a great way of getting healthy, staying healthy and preventing ill health.  Walking can reduce the risk of  heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.  It can be a solitary pursuit, a way of unwinding or de-stressing or an activity to do with others.  Walking and talking is a very sociable activity

Walking For Health

This is a collaboration between Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support. By sharing their walking and health expertise they  offer short, free, local health walks in communities across England. A great way for people who want to get started with walking to improve their health.

Fancy Free Walks

This is a great website founded in south east England as a guide for people who love to walk, to observe and enjoy our incredible countryside (and town­scapes too) at a leisurely speed. Distances vary from a soothing 1 mile to 26 miles. The walks are free to down load and print.  At the moment the walks are primarily in the South of the country but new walks are being added all the time.

Ways to Walk 

I have recently bought ‘Ways to Walk in London’ by Alice Stevenson.  Alice is an author, illustrator and educator and has produced two beautiful books on ways to walk in London and England.  Alice has walked extensively.  These are not classic travel guides but more insights into lesser well known places, all beautifully illustrated.  I bought ‘Ways to Walk in London’ for myself, but either book would make a beautiful gift.

So with a long weekend in the UK why not put your best foot forward and take a walk

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