Book Review: The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon

Paige Toon

One of the joys of blogging about books is being offered books to read and review. I have two rules when it comes to accepting books for review.  Firstly I won’t accept the offer of  a book unless I am really interested, and actually want to read it.  Secondly, I make sure I actually write a review for any book I am kindly gifted in this way.  This is a long winded way of saying I was offered this book via twitter and leapt at the chance to  receive it.  I had never read anything by Paige Toon before, despite being very aware of her from other book bloggers.  This was an opportunity to put this right with a book that was set in Cornwall, about a travel journalist and blogger. Cornwall, travel and blogging, three of my favourite things.

The travel blogger and journalist in question is Bridget.  Bridget is of the opinion that long after you have fallen out of love with someone, they still own a little piece of your heart.  This is the premise she uses to journey around the globe track down old flames, and ask for her heart back and write about the experience on her blog with a view to turning it in to a book.  There hasn’t exactly been overwhelming interest in this which is why when her literary agent approaches her with the offer of completing the unfinished novel of a author who tragically died before finishing the sequel to her previous bestseller, Bridget is interested.  In order to do this she has to relocate to Cornwall and be answerable to Charlie the grieving husband of the author.

This novel is written with warmth and kindness.  The themes of loss and grief are managed sympathetically and the insight into becoming a lone parent after the death of a partner feels true and genuine.

I enjoyed Bridget’s character.  Her scattiness, her kindness, her vulnerability all come together to make a character who is well formed and likeable.  The development of Bridget’s relationship with Charlie and his son is touching.  It did not feel rushed or contrived, but hopeful and genuine

As with all books set in Cornwall, I find myself longing to be there.  For me Cornwall is as important to the story as any of the characters.  Its the backdrop and foreground and everything in-between as Bridget negotiates rocky waters and sandy beaches in her bid to finish the novel and work out where she might stand with Charlie.

This is book to gobble up and lose yourself in, it would be a lovely book to hang onto summer with.  Paige Toon could just have become one of my go to holiday reading authors.

Thank you to @bookminxsjv from Simon and Schauster for this uncorrected proof

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