Celebrating National Poetry Day: Permanent by Heidi Williamson

Winter in Norfolk

I have been mulling over what to share with you on National Poetry Day, and have had a lovely time this week flicking through some of the volumes of poetry on my shelves to find something suitable.  I settled on this poem by Heidi Williamson.  Heidi is a very talented poet who has had residencies in the London Science Museum and also the John Jarrold Printing Museum in Norwich. The poem I have chosen to Celebrate National Poetry Day with is ‘Permanent’.  It is from her second collection of poetry entitled The Print Museum.  Each time I read this tender poem I am moved.  A very good reason to share it I believe.  You can find out much more about Heidi Williamson here.  In the mean time read her beautiful poem and then read it all over again!


Yesterday we forgot to study the leaves

and the open air.  We tried to remember

our marriage vows.  In the garden, the snow

brought winter in autumn.  The earth stretched

with the tides of the moon – its mantle shifted

beneath our feet. I wondered if we belonged

to this house.  Whether we would spill over

to another.  Have the time for other lives.

I felt rested when I woke today.  The snow

was lessening.  The blackbirds rummaged

for fat worms and found them repeatedly.

You stood behind me at the window

as we watched the stars in the early light

fade from view, engulfed – unquenched.

Heidi Williamson


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