Easy to make Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Craft

In my dreams I am a proficient crafter with a well stocked cupboard of supplies, able to whip up a homemade gift in a moment.  In my real life, I am last minute, lacking in organisation and a not a natural crafter.  However what I lack in real skill I can mostly make up for in enthusiasm and ideas, even if they do sometimes involve borrowing them from other people.

This idea for Christmas cards was exactly that, a little rushed, enthusiastically, if a little messily executed and mostly borrowed from my friend Claire’s blog Celebrate Creation.

Collecting pictures from the glossy brochures that seem to drop through my letter box by the dozen in the lead up to Christmas is something I have done for a while.  They are usually full of items I am unlikely to buy but which have been beautifully photographed and presented.  Rather than dropping them straight into the recycling box, I have got into the habit of snipping out pictures which I think  I may be able to use in card or gift tag making in the future.


The pictures in the above picture were all taken from last years Christmas  brochure from TOAST.  When I saw them I thought they lent themselves to a Christmas card.  I already had the blank gold cards and the gold spotted washi tape, so no new supplies were required.

IMG_3152 IMG_3153 IMG_3154

A bit of minimal cutting, placing and sticking resulted in a few home made cards and a modicum of self satisfaction.

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