Wonderful Whitstable

Deck Chair

There is so much to be said for a 3 day weekend and especially when that weekend is spent somewhere as lovely as Whitstable with a group of special friends.

Heart pebble

I was introduced to the delights of the quirky seaside town of Whitstable last year and have been waiting for an opportunity to go back. Less than 2 hours from our part of London, an abundance of delicious places to eat and drink, and plenty of independent shops for browsing make it the perfect weekend destination . We sat on the pebbly beach, we people watched, we threw stones into the sea, and we ate fish, (lots), including a long lazy Sunday lunch in The Pearson’s ArmsĀ with its suitably bookish themed room.

Pearsons Arms

We wandered the high street dipping in and out of the array of vintage themed shops and we especially enjoyed choosing books and stationary from the well stocked shelves of Harbour Books. Independent Bookshops are one of my loves and I shall talk more about my visit to Harbour Books in a later post.

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