Post Bank Holiday Weekend

My bank holiday weekend consisted largely of baking, entertaining, Lego and dodging the deluge of rain that was dropped on London yesterday.





This didn’t leave much time for novel reading, but I did manage to catch up with some of my favourite blogs.  I love to find out what fellow bookworms are currently reading, or writing.

These are a few of my favourites from the past few days

I love this from A Bloomsbury Life  What a fantastic idea for a book

novel interiors

I’m always intrigued to find out what other readers have on their bedside table ‘to be read pile’ and so I always enjoy the My bedside table posts on  Novelicious

bedside table

And finally, this review of a book called The Heiresses on Write Meg caught my eye.   Sara Shephard isn’t an author I’ve heard of before but the promise of Manhattan addresses, fancy clothing, scandal, intrigue, mystery . . . and death is enough to persuade me I want to read it

images via changing-pages, A bloomsbury life,

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