5 Weekend Things


  1. Leaving London for a few hours to walk in the South Downs and enjoy the rich autumn sunshine
  2. Being at home. A full time job means I don’t always spend as much time in our home as I would like
  3. Preparing a new desert for friends. ‘Ginger and Passion Fruit Trifle’ from one of my many Nigella Recipe Books.  It was delicious, so much so it had all been gobbled before I had a chance to take a photo.
  4. Being at our church in Richmond, and giving thanks for the many good things I have ( a recent post from Celebrate Creation made me think about the importance of being thankful).
  5. Drawing the weekend to a close with Downton Abbey on a Sunday night.  I know so many people feel Downton has  lost its way, but I still love it.  Anything with Dame Maggie Smith and bonnets is fine by me.

image via changing-pages

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