Christmas Cookery Book Review: Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson


I’m the proud owner of all of Nigella Lawson’s Cookery Books and I can honestly say I use them all, regularly. Ever since I’ve owned Nigella Christmas, it’s been an important part of my Christmas Cooking. Like all Nigella’s books its packed full of recipes I really want to cook

I’m always excited when it’s time to get my copy of ‘Nigella Christmas’ off the shelf.  There are so many recipes in here that I use every year.  These are just some I have already made.

These are actually edible tree decorations and in years gone by I have made them to decorate my tree with.  This year however they have served as pre Christmas gifts for family and friends.  The addition of cloves, cinnamon and pepper adds a warm spiciness

Ginger is one of the flavours of Christmas and this dark sticky ginger bread always hits the spot

Its become a tradition that I always make the cranberry sauce for my Mum’s Christmas lunch. The addition of cherry brandy makes this especially yummy. I made this a few weeks ago now and its tucked in the freezer waiting to be united with some Norfolk turkey.

I made this Chilli Jam for the first time last year and gave it away as presents.  It went down very well then so I have made another batch this year, ensuring to keep extra for us.

Have a peek here for some of the other delicious recipes in this book.



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