And the word is……

So here it is my word for 2015……Embrace

Choosing a word for the year was something I was vaguely aware of previously through reading inspirational and lifestyle type blogs, but not something I had particularly considered for myself.
However earlier this year, I read a post from the lovely Claire at Celebrate Creation introducing me to Susannah Conway’s ‘Unravelling The Year Ahead’ work book.   As I worked through this book (something I’d definitely recommend)  I came to understand how important and even powerful having a word to focus on throughout the year could be.
I didn’t have to think very long before my word became clear to me, and despite pondering other possibilities, this is the one I kept coming back to.  Embrace is perfect for me because not only do I want to ’embrace’ my chosen word, I want to ’embrace’ 2015.  Although I didn’t have a chosen word last year, on reflection I think I actually had two, ‘Discovery’ and ‘Determination’ and I think its these words that have led me to ‘Embrace’ this year.
The Oxford Dictionary defines embrace like this: ‘hold closely in ones arms, especially as a sign of affection’ and ‘accept willingly and enthusiastically’.  I love these definitions.  For me embrace is also inclusive and warm, a rounded sounding word.  It can be nurturing and loving and is about circling and drawing together for a positive outcome.
So, what do I want to embrace?  Well, primarily opportunities.  I will remain discerning (I hope) but I will openly welcome new opportunities and experiences, because who knows where they might lead.
I’ve got a few plans for our home this year and as part of those I want to embrace colour.  I already love colour but I want to look  at new ways of injecting it into at least one of our rooms.  We have already got some travel plans.  I adore travelling and see it as such an important way of learning to understand and appreciate the world.  So this year I shall be embracing new cities and cultures and using those experiences as ways of enhancing creativity. I really hope that family, friends and hospitality will be a big part of this year.  The importance of spending time with people you care about can’t be overestimated and I look forward to welcoming family and friends old and new into our home, and drawing them close, willingly and enthusiastically.
There is also one particular skill I want to embrace and that’s photography.  My husband is a keen and skilled photographer and although I’ve always enjoyed  his pictures and appreciated (to a point!) the creativity and skill involved in taking them, I wasn’t drawn to taking pictures myself.  Well my friends that’s changing.  Now I’m a blogger (I think after 8 months I can refer to myself in those terms), not only do I see the beauty of great photographs I see what a huge difference beautiful images can make to a blog post.  I hope this will be noticeable on Changing-pages in 2015.
Writing this blog has opened me up to a wider world than I knew before, I have found like-minded people, I have learnt so much about reading and writing and have realised how important it is to have a creative outlet.  This year more than ever before I shall be embracing creativity in what ever form that comes.
So 2015, I’m ready to embrace whatever you have in store for me.  Opportunities, photography, creativity, colour, family, friends, travel and maybe even change. I can’t wait.

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