Beautiful Book Shops #5 The Pitshanger Bookshop – Ealing

Pits hanger Book Shop

Despite being an ‘Ealingite’ for the last almost 11 years I have shamefully never visited this local bookshop.  My only excuse being, its in a part of Ealing I rarely visit.  However with a couple of days off work and birthday presents to buy it was the perfect destination.

It was a midweek afternoon the day I visited so it wasn’t overly busy when I stopped by, although a couple of people came in and out whilst I was perusing.  One particularly quite fraught customer with very specific requests which were met patiently and sympathetically by the staff.

For the presents I wanted to buy I wasn’t really sure what I was really looking for but hoped I would know it when I saw it.  I browsed for quite some time without feeling pressured and eventually came upon a book I thought was perfect for my father in laws birthday and something else for a 5 year old nephew.  Both have since been well received.

I also enjoyed meandering through the extensive fiction shelves and although didn’t buy anything for myself on this occasion could have easily been tempted, especially by the varied selection on the welcoming table at the entrance.  Particularly as it included a number of local authors.   I did ask about a  book I was looking for that I couldn’t remember the title of.  It was soon found for me, and although they didn’t have it in stock would have been very happy to order it.  I declined on that occasion but appreciated the helpful service.

Pitshanger books is everything a local bookshop should be, relaxed, friendly and full of interesting books that won’t necessarily be on all the best seller lists!  I will certainly be visiting again in the not too distant future.

If you want to visit Pitshanger Books you can find them at 141 PItshanger Lane, London W5 1RH or have look at their  informative and friendly website.



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