#BEDM Coooked Books #4 Lorraine Pascale: How To Be A Better Cook

Lorraine Pascale

This is the first Lorraine Pascale cookery book I have  used and the first time I have used her recipes.  Having cooked my way through it during April I can’t work out why it took me so long.  Lorraine’s recipes are innovative and interesting but mostly easy to prepare and cook.  This book in particular has a good range of recipes for new and more experienced cooks and is full of contemporary food I want to cook and eat.  The book is choc-o-block full of ravishing foodie photographs and I defy anyone not to salivate after picking up this book

creamy chicken korma with fragrant peas and rice

This has quite a lengthy list of ingredients but many of those are spices.  Cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, coriander all the flavours of a delicious curry.  This was a quite a spicy korma but absolutely delicious and much less greasy than a typical takeaway concoction.  I over ‘tumericked’ the rice and peas but they were still a lovely accompaniment to the curry.  A great Saturday night supper.

Harissa lamb lollipos with pea and mint hummus and lemon

I was instantly drawn to this recipe,  firstly because of its wonderful title and second because I love lamb and anything involving hummus.  This is the favourite thing I have cooked from this book so far.  The lamb lollipops were unbelievably succulent and the sesame dukkah coating fragrant and pleasingly crunchy.  The hummus was made from cooked frozen peas and onion whizzed together with tahini, greek yogurt, fresh  mint, and garlic.  It complimented the tender lamb perfectly.

Whole Roast Tandoori Chicken

I admit the photographs make this chicken look vaguely radioactive.  However don’t be put off.  This is the juiciest roast chicken ever.  A messily smeared bunch of spices, garlic, chilli and ginger mixed with lemon juice and yogurt.  A few hours of marinating in the fridge, 90 mins in the oven and you have the perfect Sunday night supper.  We had this with steamed green vegetables but torn off strips of chicken gobbled down with warm flat breads and a minty cool yogurt would be perfect.



Granny smith bircher museli

This is barely a recipe and more of a suggestion.  Finding Lorraines recipe I was reminded how much I love bircher muesli but had never concocted my own. So taking this for inspiration I combined porridge oats, apple, sultana, vanilla, yogurt, maple syrup and orange juice and enjoyed a completely satisfying post run breakfast.


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  1. May 8, 2015 / 12:07 pm

    Your’re such a good cook, those images are making me hungry.

    I love Pascal, her cooking shows are addictive. I think I may have to invest in this book.

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