Poetically Speaking: Poems in the Waiting Room

I’ve been meaning to scribble about this great little charity for some time now.  As a long time nurse with a long time love of words and a growing interest in poetry.  ‘Poems in the Waiting Room’ (PitWR) is very much my cup of tea.

Most of us will at some time or another sat in a GP’s surgery waiting room flicking randomly through out of date magazines trying to pass time or distract ourselves before an appointment.  PitWR supplies poetry cards free to NHS surgeries or similar. These poetry cards are produced as an alternative to out of date (or even in date) magazines, in recognition that patients waiting to see GP’s are possibly bored and irritated; or worried and even deeply concerned by their condition.   The poems chosen are sensitive to the possible emotional or anxious state people might be in and are chosen for their calming and stress relieving content.  The poems aim to be non challenging and accessible to all.

Poems in the waiting room

The pamphlets are free to GP surgery’s and are available for patients to take away with them.  PitWR encourage submissions, so any poet or budding poet can submit a poem to be included.  Although lots of the poems included are already well known or by established poets, the charity aims to be come a showcase for contemporary poetry too.

I firmly believe that physical and emotional health are inextricably linked and without doubt influence each other.  Poetry as balm for a troubled mind is just lovely.

Poems in the waiting room

Next time you are in your GP surgery check to see if they keep these booklets, they may provide just the soothing distraction you need.

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