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Handmade Christmas Tags

Although not a natural crafter, I am an enthusiastic one and do love to get out the washi tape, sparkles and glue gun whenever I get the opportunity.  And what better opportunity could there be than Christmas.  The potential for crafting is limitless.  Unfortunately lots of Christmas crafts take time, preparation and forward planning (I’m looking at you Kirstie Alsop).  I find December is the time of year when all of those things are at a premium and all the forward planning I had intended in November never quite materialised.  This is why I like a craft that takes minimum effort, and equipment but gives me that smug ‘I just rustled up a handmade Christmas’ feeling.

Gift tags are the easiest of Christmas crafts, and no matter how pushed I am for time, I do try and make a few of my own each year.  They are usually constructed from brown parcel labels and are usually created with what ever I have to hand of a Christmassy nature.

This years batch were constructed (which makes them sound like they required modicom of skill which they didn’t), using my new reindeer stamp, red ink, some red ribbon and the obligatory Christmas polka dot washi tape.

They took a very short time to make and just about satisfied the creative urge at a time of year when I want to be creative but often lack the time or organisation to actually do so.

Christmas Labels

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  1. Karen
    December 18, 2016 / 12:10 pm

    Lovely tags. Looking forward to starting my own ‘wrapping theme’ very soon xx

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