The Weekend Wander #4 Baking, Books and BAFTA

Orange Curd

With the weather as wet and dreary as it is in the UK at the moment, the inclination not to wander any further than your own front door may be strong.  If thats you then read on for some suggestions of home based things to do this weekend

  • Orange Curd

There is nothing like bit of Saturday baking to make you feel virtuous and domestic.  Before Seville oranges disppear for another year why not have a go at making some Orange curd.  It doesn’t keep as long as Marmalade for which Seville oranges are mainly known, but its easier to make and is incredibly versatile.  Spread on toast, dribble on ice cream or for extra domestic goddess points fill a quickly thrown together Victoria Sandwich with it.  I made some last weekend and can vouch for its deliciousness.  If you can’t get Seville oranges, still make it,  just use a standard orange it  won’t have the characteristic bitterness associated with Seville oranges but will still be yummy and home made. Theres an easy recipe here.

  • Guardian Books of the year Podcast

Now we are well into 2017 you may have long forgotten all about 2016 and its various literary treats.  However I would suggest you may still want to check out this podcast from The Guardian’s book Podcast.  Not only is it a last hurrah for the books that made most impact in 2016 but it features conversation between Costa book award nominees Sarah Perry and Francis Spufford.  As we now know, Spufford went on to win the coveted ‘first novel of the year award’.  If you are still planning your reading for 2017 you’ll also enjoy the discussion of books for this year.  This would be great to listen to whilst creating your curd!

  • BAFTA 2017

I’m not the biggest award ceremony fan.  They always go on too long, as do many of the speeches and I get board with all the crying, and attempts at clever speeches.  However I do love a film and the opportunity to critique a celebrity in a fancy frock, if either of these are your thing, its the Bafas, this weekend. They take place on Sunday 12th February and as they are broadcast live on BBC1, 9-11pm provide some easy Sunday night viewing.

Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. Karen
    February 11, 2017 / 9:06 am

    Have a recipe for orange curd roulade that would be worth a try. Looks delish. Have a lovely weekend xx

      February 19, 2017 / 3:57 pm

      It would be great for that x

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