Beautiful Book Shops #10 Skoob Books, London

Skoob Books

You may recall that earlier this year I wrote about my inaugural book shop crawl.  It was during this very pleasant day I was introduced to the truly wonderful Skoob Books.  Like all excellent bookshops I am only ever disappointed when it has taken me so long to discover them.

Skoob books (Books spelt backwards obviously!) is a second hand booksshop of the highest order situated in the Brunswick Centre, Russell Square.    To be honest it is a little bit hidden, but that makes it all the more special when you do find it.  It is situated on the Marchmont Street side of the Brunswick Centre, but I suspect most people, at least on the first visit approach it from the main shopping area of the centre.  If this is you then head to Waitrose, walk straight through the shop, exit at the other end and turn left.  Skoob is the first shop you will come across.  The unassuming shop front is at street level and gives no clues to the treasure beneath.  Entry to the basement shop is via a stair case lined with vintage book cover posters.  Arriving at the bottom of the stair case you are greeted with shelves of books to the left, to the right and in front of you, meaning the only dilemma is which way to head first.


This basement shop is full to the rafters of every kind of book.  Skoob as the ultimate browsing book shop.  Despite what seems like initial vastness, it is in fact very well organised and extremely easy to find what you are looking for. The staff are friendly and helpful and when I couldn’t find a particular title I was looking for, a helpful member of the skoob team immediately disappeared and reappeared with exactly what I had asked for.

Skoob Books

Skoob also has a small market stall in Brunswick Square on a  Saturday with a  selection of their wares to entice you to head a little bit further along and in to the shop it self.

This was my first visit to this incredible second hand book shop and it won’t be the last.  Skoob is overflowing with books, friendly staff and a myriad of shelves housing collections of books on any subject you care to mention.

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